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DaisNotes understands where college students struggle to connect with other classmates. College students want to connect with their classmates but there is no easy way for them to connect with other students in a streamlined manner. We here, at DaisNotes, are striving to eliminate the barriers associated with connecting college students through our automatic grouping platform (allowing users to interact with one another via group-chat and other functions) which encourages more friendships and helps students better themselves both academically and socially.


We noticed in our classes there was a lack of connection between college students.  The need was so great for connections that people would send out course-wide emails asking for people to reply with their phone numbers; students would then manually add the numbers to a group chat.


This phenomenon intrigued Nicholas so much that he wrote his thesis on this matter. In fact, he found in a study of 658 respondents from Ole Miss that 83 percent of college students find it difficult to connect with their peers. 


We are building DaisNotes to automatically connect college students. 



From Left to Right: 

Kyle Herbert:  CFO, Co-Founder 

Nicholas Neilson-Slabach: CEO, Co-Founder